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Easy Living Home Automation FAQ’s

You can choose as many home automation products as your budget and lifestyle permit. Easy Living Home Automation can tailor a package to suit your needs. You can add to these products at any time.

Hard wired costs are dependant of several factors, including the number of rooms that are connected. The cost of home automation, audio, security, smart lighting and computer network hardware will vary depending on quality and suppliers. Easy Living Home Automation uses only a high quality automation system. Retrofit packages are an affordable way to enjoy the benefits a smart home can bring to your life and can easily be tailored to specific needs.

The best time to install hard wired home automation is during the construction stage. Our home automation specialist can assist you from planning to completion of you project.

Retro-wiring an existing house is possible; however it will be more costly due to rewiring of existing circuits.

Yes. Smart wiring during renovations is the next best thing to smart wiring during construction.

Retrofit packages are a great way to enjoy the many benefits of home automation. These allow for control of your smart home by use of a home automation gateway connected to your Wi-Fi router.

This is dependent on how many home automation components were installed at the time of construction and if you wish to add more at a later date. Hardware components can be added anytime to fit in with needs and budget. By smart wiring your home during construction you are ‘future proofing’ it for any additions.

Yes. All the products Easy Living Home Automation install are products approved by the electrical and communications regulators where appropriate.

The installers are registered a-grade electricians who have also undertaken specific training for accreditation in all facets of Home Automation installation.

Yes, the manufacturer warranty is in place and is dependent on product.

As Easy Living Home Automation has worked with you to install a home automation system designed for your individual needs, you will be issued a User Guide at handover written for your specific system. For anything else, Easy Living home Automation will be happy to assist you.

Technology moves fast and there is no certainty that a newer product will not be invented in the future. You can ensure you best “future proof” your house for the foreseeable future by smart wiring your home at the construction or renovation stage.

Yes. Smart wiring your house is a “value add” product in the same way double glazed windows or a security system would add value to a home.

Wireless technology is excellent for most Internet, pc and electrical appliances in the contemporary home. Both wireless and smart wiring work in harmony to form the essential platform for your smart home. However, there are some instances where smart wiring is more reliable. These cases are due to bandwidth limitations and may affect the transmission of audio, pictures and data in the home. A wireless system still has many benefits; the most beneficial being portable. Should you sell your house, are renting or want to take your wireless system to another property; it can be easily moved and re-configured.

The wireless home automation system is known as Z-Wave. Z-Wave is the world’s leading wireless technology that making everyday household appliances like lights, windows, doors and door locks, air conditioning and thermostats “smart”. Z-Wave enabled products “talk” to each other wirelessly and securely and can be accessed and controlled from your smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world or from your PC or Remote at home. Z-Wave puts the power of home control and monitoring literally in the palm of your hand.

Home Controller (gateway) – Is the brains of your smart home. Actuators/Nodes – Devices that perform actions. They switch, dim, turn on/off, wind up, shut down, open or close Sensors – e.g. motion, temperature, luminosity, smoke, wind, rain, etc. Controllers – devices which allows you to control and monitor your home in friendly and unified interface.