"There is nothing more important than a safer, secure smart home"

Smart Home New Build V's Smart Home Retro Fit

Your Smart home design is highly dependent on whether you are introducing the functionality to an existing home or whether you are building a new home or renovating. Home automation is no different to any electrical work in that the wiring installation is much easier and less labour intensive while you are in the building or renovationt stage.

As briefly discussed above when considering home automation for a new build, the design stage is the best time to add this technology. This allows for all appropriate wiring to be completed during the building process. To save time, cost and the inconvenience of knocking into walls at a later date to add more smart home functions, it is prudent to engage a home automation specialist in the initial stages of your house design. This will enable the home automation specialist to work with your architect to achieve your individual and ideal lifestyle goals.

A Smart Home is still achievable via a retrofit. Home automation technology is moving forward all the time and there will be a solution for virtually any constraint that may arise from living in an established house. Easy Living Home Automation will work in unison with you to configure a home automation package that will address your individual lifestyle needs providing all the benefits that a Smart Home brings. Easy Living Home Automation technicians are also A Grade Electricians. Alternatively if you are renovating an existing home you may wish to consider having the appropriate wiring installed now to future proof your home should you wish to add more technology at a later stage.

Home Automation – What’s in it for me?

Let's take a look at 6 reasons why you need a Smart Home?



A very obvious and important advantage. Home Automation enables you to control multiple devices with a synchronised and autonomous approach. This allows you to save time in doing everyday tasks, something essential in busy, multiple member households.


Multiple Options

Home automation gives you multiple level options, from a few devices in one room to total management of every one of your appliances in the house: heating, security, leisure. A Smart Home allows you incorporate as little or as much home automation equipment as your needs require.


Energy Management

Programmable and the ability to regulate heating and cooling, motion detector lighting, dimmable lighting and switching power points to energy saving modes are just a few ways home automation helps you to manage your energy usage better.


Remote Control

While you are away from home, check to see if you have closed the doors, receive notifications about domestic faults, turn the heating or cooling on or off depending on programmable timings; home automation allows you to manage your home remotely at the touch of your fingertips and according to your needs.



Simulate movement or presence when not at home, secure closures, monitor possible intrusions. Home automation is a guarantee of safety for your home.


Increase the value of your home

Home automation technologies are shown to be becoming very popular for homebuyers and the demand is steadily increasing. Home Automation is a great tool to use as a point of difference when selling your home.


Your Smart Home makes it easy for you to walk through the door and relax. Your Smart Home recognises the distance you are from home via GPS and it generates your perfect homecoming of comfort and convenience.


Design your own awakening, just the way you like it. It will make getting up for work easier, even on a cloudy day. My Perfect start to the day:

  • Alarm goes off at 6am playing my “pick me up and get up” music tracks.
  • TV turns on at 6.15am
  • Coffee machine turned on and warmed up.
  • Lights and heater on in the bathroom (especially for a Melbourne winter)


In critical situations, immediate response to threat is the most important factor, which often can save our lives. Your Smart Home Controller will:

  • Identify a threat within seconds
  • Warn you of the danger and activate all the pre-programmed alarm procedures
  • Receive notification of smoke, CO, rain, wind, over flowing washing machine, burst water pipe, break-in etc. direct to your Mobile or Tablet.
  • Receive message alerts when your children arrive home from school
  • Receive alerts & images from security cameras
  • Control lights, TV etc. automatically to give the illusion someone is home


A smart home will not only enhance and simplify your life but it will also allow for a good return on your investment. Home automation enables you to monitor and control temperature based on occupancy or time/day. Control Your Environment via your smartphone or tablet to manage heating and cooling, hot water heaters, pool pumps, ceiling fans, irrigation, ventilation, curtains, shades and shutters. Easily automate the property based on occupancy or event allowing for a reduction in energy usage which will reflect on your electricity bill. Smart Home devices have been designed with the view of saving energy by:

  • Lighting power consumption is reduced by up to 40% and heating/cooling by up to 25%
  • Automatically vary temperature settings for different times of the day
  • Control multiple Air Conditioners from one location or from a smartphone
  • Occupancy sensors vary temperature
  • Control window shades, curtains & blinds
  • Open/close windows or skylights automatically for ventilation
  • Turn fans on/off for air circulation.
  • One click to send house to Sleep mode or Wake up
  • Automatically switch power points off and save on Standby Power

Holiday Homes/Rentals

  • Who’s keeping an eye on your holiday home?
  • What if there’s a bush fire nearby?
  • Imagine being able to turn your garden or roof sprinkler system on from the other side of the world?
  • Do you own a Bed and Breakfast or self-contained holiday rental?
  • Do you have a property or Air BNB? Imagine never having to worry about security with keys or when the property is empty?

Assisted Living – “Ageing in Place”

Older people have an overwhelming desire to live independently in the community. `Ageing in place’ means being able to live independently. Home Automation allows others to be notified of the elderly’s movements around the house e.g. Carer or adult children being notified that Mum is up and about because she has opened the medicine cabinet to take her medications or opened a door, front door is unlocked or no movement detected.